Virgo Solar Festival, Full Moon and the triangle of Courage, Compassion, Pragmatism

August was a memorable month on many fronts with the total solar eclipse visible only over the US being part of it, and at the time I commented on certain key points to bear in mind as we moved through the month.

The effect of the solar eclipse may not be something tangible we can tap into and say, Ah, on that day such and such showed up in my life (which is also very probable), but with astrological and astronomical events of this caliber, the effects sip into our consciousness and the results can be traced long term.

The closest I can parallel it to is when watching a beautiful sunset. You observe the colors, how the sky changes as the minutes go by. You may wonder whether it is the Sun creating these effects or it is the sky responding to the Sun’s movement. You lose track of space and time, you are absorbed in what is, with no mental or emotional process per se other than becoming inamorate with a magically beautiful event.

You cannot readily put into words how this event influenced or changed your life but if you bring it to your attention again and again, you can experience in your entire being the beauty, calmness and awe which as we now know changes the cellular memory, and eventually our DNA.

The eclipse we just experienced over the US is something similar. From what I gathered, almost everyone watched it either outside directly with their fancy glasses on, or at home over the broadcasted transmission.

Our awareness during that time was totally absorbed in what was a magical event, one many of us have not, or will ever again, experience during our life time. That realization along with the subtle effect in our consciousness, altered something in our subconscious strata. Even if we don’t know what that is, time and life will reveal more.

Today we have a Full Moon in Pisces and we are still under the influence of the Solar Eclipse, in that also Mars and Mercury are within the eclipse’s degree. Consider of the inner transformation that is possible.
Mother Of The World, 1937-painting by Nicholas Roerich

Mercury influences our thinking process, how we react, how fast and in what way we process information. How we communicate that information, how deeply we think, whether we think before we speak or our tongue has a mind of its own. Even what we choose to hold on in our thinking versus what we are willing to leg go, because it doesn’t serve us anymore, to make room for a fresh perspective.

Mars influences our initiative, our inner force that seeks ways to externalize. The energy that propels us forward or holds us back. The way we take action, the form our action takes, and even the convictions we hold and how they shape our drives and assertiveness.

Over the past 2-3 weeks in US we have had major socio-political events which have challenged people at all levels.  How we think, how we respond and what we do individually for and about these events is part of what we are learning, practicing and becoming more aware of.

All societal change starts at the personal level, from the inner conviction of our values and ethics which we then take outwardly, seeking and connecting with others with similar viewpoints, creating movements that shape our society and eventually the rest of the world.

If we put together the Leo influence from the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on August 21st with the now Full Moon on the Virgo-Pisces axis, we have a triangle of Courage-Compassion-Pragmatism.

On the apex we have (Leo) leadership/courage/self-awareness with (Pisces) compassionate heart/encompassing All that exists/seeking to unite peoples under one sky/blending heart and mind on the right corner, and (Virgo) the Mother of the World/seeking nurturance and healing for all creatures, yet in concrete, practical steps on the left corner.

It is a beautiful force of love and nourishment we are exposed to at the moment, even if outwardly there is chaos, an opportunity to change our thinking, how we look at life and the people around us, and to stay heart-centered expressing who we are, our compassion and vision for how we want this world to be while taking action, no matter how small of a step, to make it so.

Over these days take time to be quiet and reflect, even if for a short while. Our consciousness needs the space to receive and assimilate impressions of higher order, that’s why meditation helps us in this.

Remember that everything starts from you, within you, whatever little spark is birthed in the Cosmos manifests simultaneously within you and in order for it to grow and glow, it needs your acknowledgement, nourishment and support to become the flame that warms us all up during the yukky, cold and challenging times.

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How do you deal with human tragedies in the world?

This post is dedicated to a dear friend and the question, how do we deal with human tragedies?

There is no easy answer and definitely we cannot find one in daily reality.

There is a lot of conflict, misery and sadness in the world today. Yet at the same time there is great love, understanding and patience to be experienced. Both aspects are the opposite sides of the same coin.

Perhaps there is indeed more drama than there used to be, or perhaps we notice it more as a result of social media and getting exposed to so much all at once. And sometimes we don’t pay much attention to what is happening around us until something occurs in our immediate environment and we get a wake-up call.

As Marianne Williamson says, our lives are defined by the laws of the world we believe in. That is, if we believe that this physical reality is all there is then our life is ruled by the laws that govern this world. But if we believe that there is a greater reality of which we are part, of which only Love underlines each and every incidence, then our daily life will be ruled by those divine and spiritual laws.

When there is tragedy as in a shooting of a young person, a stabbing of a spouse, the murder of a baby, there are no words that can express or console the grief. Because it is something insane. No one in the right mind could do such thing. And there is not a way to deal with this kind of insanity.

There is not a way to deal with any of the insanities that go on around the world right now. If someone was to pay continuous attention to the terrors and the genocides, s/he would very quickly develop serious anxiety and depression disorders.

This is why often individuals who go through such traumatic experiences snap out.  Our nervous system does not have the capacity to process the magnitude of these stimuli, and the people who are exposed to continuous long-term relevant stressors without any support, may develop mental imbalances.

If someone is sensitive and with little tolerance for drama, s/he should not be watching the daily news.

What I find fascinating to observe is that 10 and 15 years ago in my psychology and stress management practice, the stressors I would see were mainly about work performance, relationship breakup, anxiety from overworking and not having personal time, and psychosomatic illnesses.

Nowadays, and I think in US it became more evident after 9/11 and the 2008 financial crash, on top of these personal stressors we have the added society and world stressors, which worsen our response and handling of daily reality.

Our assessment of what is ours, what is not, of what we can do with X versus with Y, is impaired and our discernment is clouded.  And this has led to the epidemic of mental illness with many symptoms that in the past were labeled only as stress, now being added to the medical mental health disorders’ list.

In handling human tragedies, there is a period of grief, a period of wondering what the heck was that about, of questioning God and all creation. And even though no one (but you) can say how long this will last, you must be conscious of the tipping point. The ego mind will capture and imprison you in a scenario that offers no answers but provides room for continuous pain, anxiety and mental disturbance.

Eventually you must turn to a greater truth, to a greater explanation if there is such, to understand and soothe the bleeding heart. You have to give-up and surrender your feelings to a greater support system that can hold the intensity.

If you have a spiritual practice, if you believe in God, the Universe, whatever the appropriate name is for you, the journey to acceptance is to be made alongside this divinity. There is no other way.

What is also important to consider is that we are not alone in our grief and puzzlement. The people involved in the tragedy are also in the same place we are in. Praying for them, that they may be supported and bathed in love and compassion whether they have departed this physical plane or not, is healing for everyone.

Sometimes the only way we can actually help the situation is by praying for others who may not be in the right mind or emotional state to do so. Praying in that way also connects us with our life purpose of being a beam of light, compassion and love in this world.

Om Mani Padme Hum #Inspiration #ConsciousLiving #PersonalDevelopment #Motivationalquotes #LiveBrightlyThePath











August 2017: Inspiring new beginnings and the choice to lead or to be led

Happy August! There is a lot of conversation this month about the Solar Eclipse on August 21st which will be visible and traceable only over the United States.

It’s early in time to say how things will unfold however I would like to share a few initial thoughts:

  • The opportune time period started on July 23rd with the first New Moon in Leo and will complete with the second New Moon in Leo on August 21st.

These New Moons are on the first and last degree of Leo respectively, showing us what we learn through embracing certain qualities of Leo like generosity, courage, joy and open-heartedness, while becoming aware of tendencies towards self-centeredness, ignorance for others’ needs, and neglect of moral values and ethics.

  • This period also correlates with two eclipses, a Lunar Eclipse on August 7th and a Solar Eclipse on August 21st.

Eclipses by themselves signify a time of re-orientation and re-assessment in that they are crossroads where we stand looking forward eclipsing what has been so far, whether connected to our emotional world, our response-reaction mechanism, or our personality traits, imagining new possibilities and inspiring new beginnings.

  • The August 7th Lunar Eclipse on the Leo-Aquarius axis enforces and supports both our individuality and our contribution to the community. The awareness of self within the dynamics of the group, while also the influence of the group on the individual. Here the “group” represents also the community, society, humanity.

If you don’t know who you are, you will be lost in the group dynamics. You will follow others blindly, adhere to societal norms and stereotypes that influence mass consciousness and for the most part are a detriment to a conscious and empowered way of living.

But if you know what your gifts and talents are, you are better able to contribute and strengthen the group. A group is more powerful when it is composed of conscious individuals who pay attention and take responsibility for their lives versus a group comprised of individuals who live automatically, following what everyone else does without questioning their values, ethics or sharing their point of view.

We have examples of both scenarios everywhere around us nowadays and during this time, this period of six weeks, we may become even more aware of what this means and how it shows up.

We just need to pay attention, stay present and heart-centered, and make sure we take responsibility for ourselves and how we compassionately connect with others.There Is No Turning Back When You Know Who You Are #Inspiration #ConsciousLiving #PersonalDevelopment #Motivationalquotes #LiveBrightlyThePath #Astrology

  • The August 21st Solar Eclipse happens over US which by itself makes it an important event because of the energetic influence over its population.

For individuals who run on automatic patterns of behavior and unconscious response to life, this influence may be experienced via increased aggression, irritability, and who knows what else. You may want to consider how Full Moons influence our emotional nature and by extension, how lunar and solar eclipses have a similar but magnified effect in our psyche and overall consciousness.

For individuals who are committed to personal growth and making this world a better place, this period of time is a unique opportunity to recognize emotional patterns and personality traits that support and empower you, AND also stand in your way of becoming more, of reaching for your dreams and what you long for.

It is a time for reflection, journaling and paying attention to what comes up. It is an opportune time for conscious and empowered new beginnings!

Perhaps the essence of this month’s influence is to recognize that at any moment we have the choice to either lead by example-through what we think, say and do-or to be led by what the mainstream mindset dictates. In the first option, we are the ones to create our reality and the world we want to live in. In the second, we are screwed.

I don’t think there is time anymore to be wasted on letting life be what is versus us consciously contributing and shaping it in the most inspiring, uplifting and fulfilling way for everyone involved, both in the present and future times.

Considering all this, let us stay aware, present, and gather the feedback we need to make the choices we must. Enjoy!

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Cancer Solar Festival, Full Moon, Mastering Our Light

Sometimes there is no way for me to write in what I think of a reader-friendly way and that prevents me from posting all together. So my practice this month is about posting what I will, without trying to fit it within a specific frame. I trust it will make sense at the end as my intent is so, exploring a different way of expressing my thought-teaching-inspiring process.

This morning I was reminded of the importance our daily habits play in the unfolding of our lives. From how we start the day to how and what we eat, how we use our time, how we unwind, how we connect with and treat others, how we spend our evenings, the activities we choose and the time we invest in them, etc.

The only way to be and become more aware of our habits, especially the ones that run automatically our day versus the ones we want to instill and use more of, is to be present and attentive to what we think, say and do.

This in of itself is a lot of work, it is challenging and it takes practice. I find that the more crazy our environment becomes the less our patience and willingness to do the work it takes to build this awareness.

It is much easier to check out than to pay attention. Yet, with practice it becomes easier to tune in because checking out leads to disconnect at all levels, which may become painful and unsettling. It is our nature to be part of life and not separate from it.

One of the tools to support our practice of presence is meditation. For me this is a non-negotiable activity. There are so many different ways to meditate and re-center, that having “a racing mind” or not being able to “sit still” are not an excuse. Where there is a will there is a way 🙂

The Light In Me Salutes The Light In You Namaste. #Inspiration #ConsciousLiving #PersonalDevelopment #Motivationalquotes #LiveBrightlyThePath Being in the eve of the Full Moon on the axis of Cancer-Capricorn what drew my attention is that both esoteric keynotes for these signs refer to Light, the light that we cultivate within (Cancer) and the Light we are exposed to (Capricorn).

Building the light within requires mastery of our emotions. Cancer is a water sign with great sensitivity and susceptibility to external impressions. It is difficult at times to discern what are my feelings versus the feelings I pick up from others in a room. By using discrimination and getting to know myself in the chambers of my mind through stillness, I cultivate the mastery of who I am, of my own light.

Capricorn is an earth sign, beautiful grounding energy which at times may be captured in fixed ways of emoting, doing and thinking. We may be outwardly aware of the Light, of the Universe, of invisible help and presence yet not acting on or trusting our intuition. How we master our outer activity relates to daring follow our inner guidance. Our inner light then blends with the outer Light and we become the cause of what we want to effect in this lifetime.

During this Full Moon we are exposed to both concepts, and with Pluto and the Moon in Capricorn sitting together, we are asked to become more aware of what needs to be released in our physical, emotional, and mental world. Pluto always points to the transformation and release of what has outlived its purpose.

Using the intuitional influence of the Sun in Cancer, we are re-adjusting our emotional response, becoming more aware of what drives us. It’s about transformation, about owning the emotional sea and using it to take concrete steps while in physical form.

There is a level of mastery involved. Walking on water requires a transcendence of physicality as we know it, of how we look at life and the earthly laws. Chiron’s influence at 29 Pisces is supporting this mastery over the inner waters, and how we use our intuition on the outer, earthly plane.

Through everything we do and say, we model our humanity. We are the role models we have been waiting for. It is not about looking out there anymore. We are becoming more and more the vehicles through which younger generations learn.

Just by going a decade back you already have people looking up to you to see how you live your life. Are you inspired? Are you just rolling with the day as if it doesn’t matter? Are you passionate about something? Are you kind and respectful? Are you considerate of others while honoring your values and truth? Do you speak up and courageously share what you believe in? Are you a beam of light?

Take the time to reflect on these concepts over the next few days, pay attention to what comes up, to your dreams, to your desires. Everything is information which helps and guides you on an authentically empowered path. Trust the process ❤


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Everyone Says I Love You

I woke-up the other day with the phrase everyone says I love you in my head. It took me down the memory lane and further reflection:

It was summer of 1996 in downtown Santa Monica on 3rd street, for the showing of Woody Allen’s “Everyone says I love you.” The movie had recently come out, it was my first few days ever in Southern California, and at the moment I was in love with everything I was seeing and experiencing.

I liked the movie but it took me a few years to realize why that title was so representative of the American culture, and why Woody Allen had used it so wonderfully.

Coming from the Mediterranean mentality where one thinks long and hard before exclaiming I love you, the abundant use of the words made an impression on me in the sense that wherever I would go (in the following years), I’d hear people say (or shout) I love you all the time.

I thought, if everyone loved everyone else so much as it is here (US) the case, how come there is so much disparity, mis-communication, dysfunctional relationships, ephemeral and superficial connections? Is it because it’s one of these words-phrases we have been using so much so that has lost its essence, its true significance?

There is a reason why in other cultures you save something like this for a special occasion, and I think that here by using it so often and so generously we have come to bypass the responsibility that comes with expressing it.

Learning To Love And Be Loved Is A Lifetime Practice. #Inspiration #ConsciousLiving #PersonalDevelopment #Motivationalquotes #LiveBrightlyThePathWords have power, what we say has power, especially when it is infused with the appropriate vibration. One may very well argue that by saying it to everyone and under all circumstances, the world may become a better place. Sure, it is a possibility, though it doesn’t seem so yet.

It is also a possibility that one does not pay attention to it anymore, does not notice because s/he hears it a lot (or says it a lot), and regards it by now as another conversational filer.

It is like saying to someone bless you when s/he sneezes. We just say it automatically without pausing for a moment to reflect on the word’s meaning.

I know this reflection may become quite mental but with how human relations are currently expressed and lived, including dis-respect of human rights, it may be the time we become more consciously aware of how and why we say what we do.

What I want to propose is not that we stop saying it, which in many cases may be impossible anyway because it is so automatic, but that we pay attention as to when and why we say it.

It is time to change what we say if it is not authentic, i.e. saying something because of what we think the other person wants to hear versus what we truly feel in our heart. Being truthful doesn’t mean being rude or disrespectful. On the contrary, it means that we mean what we say and we say what we mean.

The societal transformation has to start from somewhere and this somewhere is through you and me. We have to honor our words, our thoughts, our feelings. We have to stay true to our priorities, our values, and our vision for how we want to connect with others and how we want to be in intimate and personal relations.

For many of us it may be a new language we have to invent, a new way of saying or conjuring phrases.  That’s fine, I am all up for it. But let there be a shift in some way so that when we say I love you, the entire earth can feel that love.

Have a lovely week!

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Gemini Solar Festival, Full Moon, And Bridging The Polarities Within

We are in the eve of the Gemini Solar Festival, also known as the Festival of Goodwill and the Festival of Humanity.  This is the last of the Spring three linked Festivals, the blessings’ distribution to humanity after Wesak (Taurus Solar Festival) continues, and we are invited to tune in to the celestial celebration.

Every time we have an understanding, an a-ha moment, we bridge the duality within our minds and take a step towards wholeness. Part of our life’s journey is to bridge this duality which is created the moment we incarnate. It is not something we can escape, at least not at this point of humanity’s evolution.

With Gemini’s influence, the first sign depicted in human form (and twins) we become more aware of those tendencies within us where we stand for either-or, where we polarize on our thoughts and opinions, where we face light and darkness within our hearts. One of the premises of holistic healing is that of embracing this duality within. It is not bad, it is not evil, it is not something we created and we’ll be send to who knows where because of it. It is an inherent quality of being human.

Use Your Breath To Re-Center In Your Heart. #Inspiration #ConsciousLiving #PersonalDevelopment #Motivationalquotes #LiveBrightlyThePath

Our work though is to awaken to this duality which calls us forth to grow in consciousness, to become more present, to polish and honor our values, and to stand up for and strengthen right human relations. Our journey of self-discovery and growth lies in our perception, awareness and willingness to do the inner work.

So one of the tasks during this Full Moon is to reflect on the areas in your life where you feel conflicted, where there is no clarity or even if there is clarity, doubt sneaks in. To reflect on how you can bridge seemingly opposite factors, thoughts, and emotions.

It may be a matter of accepting the reality of what is; it may be a matter of making a decision and following through; or, it may involve forgiveness and letting go. All these processes resulting eventually in an inner sense of peace, of settling in, of alignment, of joy and felt love.

The axis of Gemini-Sagittarius moves our awareness from duality, the bridging of contradictions, to synthesis, one path, one vision.

The Sun’s light (Gemini) is shining on what we need to transform in our thinking, our perception, our awareness so that we may feel more peaceful, content and purposeful within. The Moon (in Sagittarius) is shining her light on our hopes, fears and doubts, transforming them so that we may change our thinking towards one that embraces unity, infinite possibilities, abundance and adventure. It is a beautiful thing!

Have a great one! ❤

You may read more about the Wesak Festival, Full Moon, And Compassionate Leadership. 

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New Moon in Gemini, connection and self-expression

We are in the eve of the New Moon in Gemini, one of my favorite times of the year because of my birthday 🙂 There are a couple of keynotes for this fresh start that I would like to comment on.

One is that of connection. Living a frenzy life and not having enough time to do x, has become part of everyday narrative. Yet, if you go back in time and reflect on what you remember from your life, most of those memories are associated with people, whether friends or family. Friends’ weddings, parties, holidays, celebrations, etc. Most memorable moments include personal connection.

Wherever or whenever human interaction is missing, time passes by unnoticed, whereas when it is present, time stands still and we savor it, even if at the end we remark as to how fast time went.

The other beautiful theme is one instigated by the triangle among Uranus-Saturn-North Node, which will stay with us for most of June as well.

Tune In To What Feels Joyful And Exciting. #Inspiration #ConsciousLiving #PersonalDevelopment #Motivationalquotes #LiveBrightlyThePathAs I mentioned in a previous post, Wesak Festival, Full Moon, And Compassionate Leadership, the lunar nodes have recently changed signs and are on the Leo-Aquarius axis till November 2018. One of the lessons to practice during this time has to do with owning our voice, being anchored in our heart, and expressing authentically who we are, what we stand for, and what we believe in.

With Uranus and Saturn in the configuration we are also asked to be open to the unknown, in the sense of inner guidance and conceiving ideas and forms that may have nothing to do with what we’ve known so far, while establishing a new reality, a new foundation in our lives, anchored on our values, and what we know to be true in our hearts. The ultimate goal is so that we may be more happy, more peaceful and in harmony with our environment and community.

When we are in this inner alignment and outer harmony, we are better able to contribute our wisdom, experiences and talents, adding our signature to the transformational times we live in. We live our purpose.

Use these days to meditate, journal or take a silent stroll in nature. Reflect on what connection means to you, how you can connect more with individuals (and groups) that uplift and support you, whether you already know them or wish to know more of.

Pay attention to your dreams and any flashes of insight you get, and above all trust yourself. Let go of doubt and second-guessing. You already know what is true for you.


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